Synopsis: The GEO Principle

How does the GEO Principle work? How does God get in Every Occupation?  

You have to bring him. Start with your own occupation. Live your faith at work just as you would at home. The GEO Principle: God in Every Occupation means purpose for every job – even yours! is your guidebook.  

Whether you work in a factory, office, store, restaurant, outdoors or elsewhere, you can live your faith on the job. The GEO Principle offers concrete steps for bringing your faith to your place of work. Laced with counsel from scripture, The GEO Principle provides a framework for integrating a faith-filled home life with your work life.  

This book encourages readers to consider their entire lifespan as they think about what their work can do for their relationship with God. Careful consideration is given to the concept of Sabbath, and The GEO Principle proposes a counter-cultural strategy for making the most of the years traditionally associated with retirement.   

The GEO Principle is based on the idea that the world would be a better place if everyone brought God to work. Honesty and openness would lead to greater levels of trust between colleagues. Greater levels of trust mean less required supervision, which could lead to fewer layers of management and, ultimately, greater levels of work satisfaction, lower costs, better prices for customers and higher returns for shareholders. The benefits are easy to articulate. Living your faith – at home or work – is never easy, but this book will encourage you every step of the way.

Book Specifications:

The GEO Principle: God in Every Occupation means purpose for every job – even yours!

Cover: soft cover

Size: 8.063 inches high by 5.25 inches wide

Pages: 116

Categories: Inspiration/business/self-help

Publisher: NFR Communications, Inc.

Publishing date: January 2009

ISBN: 978-0-975-4134-3-2

Library of Congress control number: 2008940455