"Tom Bengtson has served our bank club association as keynote speaker for our annual conference. His presentation is always insightful, timely, interesting and instructional. Tom is a very keen observer of the commercial banking scene, who understands how bankers work within the economy and the regulatory framework. Tom's constant interaction with bankers keeps him in the know for current issues, problems, and dynamic marketing approaches for our banks." 

-George E. Aker
Heritage Clubs International
Reno, Nevada

"Tom presented his GEO Principles at our April 2009 Jam Session. We received RAVE REVIEWS from the 30 folks in attendance. An exciting, stretching, invigorating topic. People left the 90-minute session inspired and ready to play a bigger - or different - role in the world. You'll thoroughly enjoy Tom's wisdom."

- Jeff Prouty
The Prouty Project

A successful event starts with a compelling speaker...

Tom Bengtson — a business owner, public policy wonk, citizen economist, and water cooler ethicist — shares experiences and lessons with audiences large and small. Whether speaking on leadership in business, faith/work integration, college prep education, life-skills development, or family life in the 21st century, Tom is happy to tailor his message to your audience.

Tom welcomes all speaking opportunities. Whether it is a team-building event, a briefing for your board or sales team, a presentation at your church/school, or a keynote address for your conference or convention, Tom's messages are compelling and thought-provoking. Presentations can go from 20 minutes to two-and-a-half hours, depending on your needs.

Presentations by Tom Bengtson

Leadership for the Times – Drawing on examples from the banking industry in the Upper Midwest, Tom looks at what it takes to be a leader.

What's so great about banking! That's a statement, not a question. Tom provides a current overview of the industry that will make you glad to be a part of the industry.

How to live your faith at work – Think faith is only for Sunday morning? Think again. God calls you to live your faith 24/7, even at work. Tom will offer practical steps for taking your faith to the office.

Want to be a great husband? Start by loving God – Great for men's conferences, this presentation is all about setting priorities straight, which sometimes requires a little guidance.

Where will God fit into your career plans? For college and high school audiences, Tom offers fresh insight into career planning.

Educational entrepreneurism – The Chesterton Academy Story – Tom explains how a group of parents turned an idea for a classical high school into reality, and how your group may be able to do the same.

For rates and availablity, contact us with your speaking request.

"Tom you were a real blessing. Your ideas showed that you have reflected deeply on how to experience a relationship with God through work. You were both bold and inoffensive as you shared your thoughts. You came across as genuine but not preachy."

-Pat Gilbert
Kingdom Focus Consulting

"I want to personally thank you for talking to our Serra Club this past Friday.  Several  people have remarked to me they appreciated hearing your views about putting God into one's everyday workplace.  Even though most of our club is now retired they understand and agree with your premise of putting God in our daily  lives.  They appreciated having a different type speaker with a message that really needs to be heard in today's world.  I only wish I had heard it when I was active in the corporate world as it's  simplicity is really what resonated with me." 

-Gary Lyons


"Tom was a breakout session presenter at an ICBA national convention. I saw Tom address a room full of bankers; his insight is illuminating and his presentation style is engaging.  Tom is very knowledgeable and informed on current bank topics. "

-Ray Thull

State Bank of Lucan
Lucan, Minn.


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