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The GEO Principle:
God in every occupation means purpose for every job — even  yours!
by Tom Bengtson

After reaching a certain level of career success, are you now wondering if this is all there is?  Are you serious about living your faith but findng it difficult to integrate your faith life with your work life?

The premise of The GEO Principle is that you, your employer and the world would be better off if everyone brought God to their occupations. You do not need to leave God at home on Monday morning when you go to work. Just as God has a place in your heart, he has a place at the center of the commerical arena, despite its competitive, secular characteristics.

The GEO Principle look at the purpose of work, the characteristics of suitable employement, the meaning and importance of the Sabbath, what scripture has to say about work, strategies for sharing your faith on the job, and the new ways to look at the years typically devoted to retirement. Each chapter concludes with study questions and proposed action steps.

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"I found this book very useful and full of ideas for bringing God into the workplace.  I think it would be excellent for a discussion group of both men and women. It is an attractive book with a good cover and the chapters are well organized. I especially like the discussion questions and the action steps. Often writers stop with the discussion questions, but your action steps give concrete examples of ways in which we might change our lives or help others to change theirs."

-Writers Digest


Emerging Son
Memoir by Tom Bengtson

“Emerging Son” is an autobiographical memoir about a man’s journey to a purposeful midlife from youthful uncertainty. The author’s quest to recreate the happiness of his youth takes him from the newsroom to the courtroom as he launches a career, from the Midwest to Rome as he deepens his faith, and to South America as he builds a family. Tom Bengtson looks to his father as an example but ultimately discovers he has to look within himself for answers to life’s questions about faith, family and work.

The book retails for $21.00 plus shipping.

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Emerging Son





Compact Audio Book (CD)
The GEO Principle:
God in every occupation means purpose for every job — even  yours!

This three-CD Audio Book is recorded entirely by Author Tom Bengtson. 193 minute run time.

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The GEO Principle
Book & Audio Book (CD) Combo

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The GEO Principle 10-pack

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